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July 5, 2012
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She Pred doodles by Res-Gestae She Pred doodles by Res-Gestae
More piddling around with female predators
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nightshade43 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
I kind of assumed/theorised that female Predators would be like female hyenas; larger, more aggressive and harder to tell for us that it is a female.
If I chose a shape I would choose B for a younger or more 'scout' class, and D for a high-ranking or fully mature one. Mainly because I love the idea of Predator culture. If hunting is so important to them a smaller, thinner female might not be as attractive to them. Sort of like Ancient Sparda men liking a full-figured woman.
Another reason would be that it would make a nice contrast to the Xenomorph, which I often consider a more feminime design.

The anatomy of this picture is very nice to look at, and while it took me a while to see the side-view sketch as female it clicked in after a while. I liked that I had to see subtle hints (even if it was or wasn't your aim)

I think I made a fan Xenomorph design once. A small builder type I called Reggie because I couldn't come up with anything less bland than 'that builder type alien'. A lot of people go for the super powerful types when making a fan design, which I never understood. Xenomorphs are already the kind to be quite strong. At least compared to people. Or they end up with giant crests and frills that house no advantage in combat.
Res-Gestae Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Female hyenas are a great parallel to draw :nod:

I agree. It's a whole culture based around being the biggest, baddest guy around. Daintiness would be laughable at best, offensive at worst.

It's hard to do a good xeno character since they really aren't supposed to function as individuals. You'd really have to create a whole hive to do it right.
nightshade43 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012
I think the main issue people have is based on our mammal-based thinking. Most mammals have males as the big ones (with some exceptions), while many insects, arachnids, fish and even some kinds of birds and reptiles the females are often larger. I read an article once even stating the Tyrannosaurus Rex females being in charge.

With Xenomorphs I go by the impression of interpretation. To us they will appear the same and Hive-minded. But like ants they'd probably have their own thoughts (to a degree). They may not be exactly bright, but they'd have to have a small degree of individuality in order to survive on their own or hunt in a small group. Though one can easily argue it's programming.
Res-Gestae Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Professional Filmographer
My interpretation of things might be skewed since I hang out with like-minded people and only keep up with blogs by people who I like but it seems like there has been a push lately to think more about what you're presenting. No one wants to make entertainment completely scientifically sound but it'd be nice if there was more of a push to keep the distractingly human traits to a minimum. There's anthropomorphizing a character and then there's creating contradictions, y'know? It'd be nice to see less of the latter.

Ants are a good example. Those guys are crazy. But I still think that a single xenomorph isn't that much fun as a character. If you put a xeno by itself, it's just going to lay down and hibernate or it'll die of loneliness. The xeno really gets its "character" from how other characters influence it. Does that make sense? So *o-rlyization and I can make Roxy funny because she has Tony to crack jokes next to her but, if she was up against Ripley instead, she'd be clever, mean animal. I guess a better way of putting it is that xenos are a reflection of who they are up against, both physically and ... not emotionally but you get my point.
o-rlyization Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Student General Artist
I think either B, C, or D would work sinc the hips are noticeably wider than A's. I also love that side shot up there--the fact that we're seeing some ass to lend to the body, I think, makes it look a touch more feminine.

Res-Gestae Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Professional Filmographer
You could have saved us both a lot of time by just saying "not A," you wordy bitch. Lol jk jk.

Ass shots = feminine? :rofl:

o-rlyization Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Student General Artist

Predator ass shots oh god why

But seriously, that profile shot of the side actually does look somewhat feminine. WHO KNEW.
SaraaLuna Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay, more fem-pred sketches! Personally, I think B or C would be more like the typical female predator-- A seems too thin hip-wise and in general for me-- with C being most of the norm, B as one just born built more for scouting/etc. There's a lot of predators, after all, and some aren't going to be as strong as others.

For some reason or another, I can imagine D as being the older, more matronly and experienced form of B or C. After they've popped out more than a few broods and have spent a decade or so bouncing around the planet or galaxy. Maybe it's the "plumper" figure that comes with the wider hips...? (Also, I'm now more than a little intimidated by the size graph. 300+ pounds of motherly muscle over eight feet tall coming after you? I miss the male preds already. ;_;)
Res-Gestae Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Professional Filmographer
A is pretty thin compared to the others. I prefer C myself. But, yeah, there'd definitely be a range.

In my head canon, there's a wider range of female body types than male ones, since being too big or too small would significantly decrease your odds of surviving a xenomorph fight. Since the ladies don't need to prove anything, they could "get away with" more.

I like your idea that D is an elder female. If you made her grey and covered her with little spikey "hairs," she'd be scary enough to ward off just about anything. Grandmama Pred don't take none of your crap :lol:

I can't even imagine how much a female Predator would weigh. Even if they were just scaled up versions of the guys, volume increases faster than area. They'd need stronger bones to support all that extra volume too. So even a foot of extra height would put a crapton of extra weight on them. You'd need a bulldozer to roll any of them over.

Not to mention pregnancy weight! If I remember right, it's healthy for a human to gain about 25 lb. There's no way to know how big a predator baby would be but considering 25 lb wouldn't even show on someone who weighed on 500+ lb, they'd probably gain quite a bit more than that.
SaraaLuna Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
C does seem more like the figure that'd go with the majority. Muscled, but still feminine... at least by predator standards.

I could definitely see that. They'd all be horrifying, but a physically varying kind of horrifying.

The first thing I thought of when you mentioned "Grandmama Pred" was a AVP version of Little Red Riding Hood with an Xenomorph wolf and baby pred Little Red. Except Little Red would probably make it to her Grandma's house-- er, spaceship-- to find Grandma adding a new alien skull to her collection or stirring up some acidic soup. :c How is it that I'm becoming successively more terrified by female predators the more we talk about them? An old male predator wouldn't be nearly as scary as a grandma one.

That's some crazy density right there. And that's without considering the whole pregnancy weight subject you brought up. No wonder the male predators are cautious about ticking off the females.
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